Inca Trail Trek To Machu Picchu 4 Days, 3 Nights

$ 695 /
per person


The Classic Inca Trail 4 days to Machu Picchu, and visit the Sun Gate for that firts magical sighting of Machu Picchu. The most popular trek in all of Peru, this sacred trail is full of a lot of history and still contains sections of what it used to be in the time of the Inca empire. This 26-mile trail is the only way to access Machu Picchu directly. Starting with 3 amazing treks in the Andes of Peru, it is the most controlled hike in Peru. The permits to walk the trail are controlled by the government and can only be purchased by licensed operators.

All our tours of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu are completed with tour guides who are specialized in the mountains and their terrain, with extensive knowledge of history & the local culture. Our tour experiences are made up of a great team, fully trained for the trip, providing meals, camps, assistance and personalized service. Our job is to guarantee your safety with integrity and respect.

The route to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail can certainly be a great challenge. However, if you are looking for a beautiful and even more challenging option, we also offer tours through the Salkantay Trek.

Type of Tour: Trekking with camping, History, Adventure and Culture.

Recommended: For those who enjoy long hikes and are in good physical condition.

Difficulty: Moderate, challenging. 

Permit: Permit required (AltitudeXperience will book it for you). It is necessary to reserve it in advance.

Season: March 1 – January 31

Considerations: Don’t wait any longer, live the experience with Altitude Experience of this majestic tour through the Inca Trail, let yourself be amazed by the Inca ruins. We will assume the responsibility of providing you with the best service during the trek, the best campsites, delicious typical meals, providing you with camping equipment of minimum impact to the environment and a team of collaborators that have a high level of hospitality practices. “We look forward to taking responsibility for your next adventures in Cusco”.


  Day 1: Cusco – Piskacucho Km 82 – Llactapata – Ayapata

You will begin with pick-up directly from your hotel in Cusco, Urubamba or Ollantaytambo. The pick-up in Cusco will be at 4:20 AM, the pick-up from Urubamba at 5:20 AM, and if you stay in Ollantaytambo, the pick-up will be at 6:20 AM. Then, we will go to Km 82, the first control point of the Inca Trail to begin our trek. Important; you must have your original passport for the entrance to the Inca Trail. The first hours of the hike are light, as we will be going to our first Inca site, Patallacta. This site is an ancient Inca checkpoint towards Machu Picchu. From there, we will walk 2 hours to our stopping point for lunch. After our delicious lunch, we will continue walking another 2 hours until we reach the camp for our first night in Ayapata (3340 meters). During this part of the journey, we will pass through 2 small communities. At these places, you may purchase snacks, energy drinks, or essential items you’ve forgotten, such as batteries.
We will arrive at our camp at 4:30 PM. Once we’ve settled in, you can rest and relax with the team and the rest of the travel party. At 6:50 PM your dinner will be ready, and after that, you can rest quietly for the next day.

Campsite altitude: 3300 meters (high) above sea level
Weather: Cold

 Day 2: Dead Woman Pass – Runcuraccay Pass – Chaquicoocha 

We will wake up early, starting with an Andean breakfast and Mate tea, to get everyone ready for the day. This day will be very long. We will walk for 4 hours to the highest point of the walk. Once we have reached the pass, we will have a short break to enjoy the incredible views of the Andes, and then descend to the Pacaymayu Valley (“Hidden River”). Once we’re in the lower part of the valley, we will arrive at our lunch point. Here you will have a short break and the opportunity to fill your water bottles. Once our lunch is over we will continue with our ascent tour to the next step of the walk, where we will stop at a small Inca archaeological site called RUNCU RACCAY. We will have a short rest and a small tour of the surroundings, so we can observe the sunset over the Vilcabamba mountain range. Then, we will continue with our walk, to our second camp CHAQUICOCHA (“Dry Lake”). Once we are at camp, dinner will be at 6:40 pm, after which you can relax and appreciate a starry sky.

Campsite altitude: 3600 meters (high) above sea level
Weather: Cold

  Day 3: Chaquiccocha – Wiñaywayna

Our third day will start early again, waking up at 6 AM. This day of the tour will be amazing and the most beautiful parts of the walk. We will walk for 3 hours to reach a site called Plano Inca, where we will begin to enter the jungle, better known as Cloud Forest. On the way there, we will observe the snow-capped salkantay, which is the second highest snowfall of Cusco, and a fantastic view of the Vilcabamba valley. We will start climbing the last pass of Phuyupatamarka, where we’ll have spectacular views of the river, valleys and our first view of the Machupicchu mountain. At this point, we will still have a walk of approximately 2 hours until we reach our last camp. Once we reach camp, we can take a well-deserved rest so that you are ready for your last day in Machu picchu. In the afternoon your guide will give you a brief overview of information on the site and then you will visit the ruins of wiñay wayna. This way you will be prepared for your view and visit to Machupicchu the next day. It will be our last night with the team of camp workers and it is a tradition to organize a small ceremony to introduce our entire team of workers and thank them for the great work
Campsite altitude: 2.600 meters (high) above sea level
Weather: Cold


 Day 4:  Wiñay Wayna – Machu Picchu – The lost city of the Incas

Our day will start at 3:40 AM, with breakfast at 4:10 AM. We will arrive at the checkpoint to be the first ones to start the walk when the doors open. We will have our farewell with the work team that accompanied us during the days of walking and then go to the Sun Gate (Inti Punku). From there, we will have phenomenal views of the mountains and Machu Picchu in all its magnificence. We will arrive at the Sun gate, and then continue the walk to the lost city of Machu picchu. As we get closer over time, the views will continue to be incredible. Once we reach the last control point, we will enter the majestic, lost city of Machu Picchu. Once there you will start our guided tour of approximately 2 hours and will be given your bus ticket to Aguas Calientes. Once you arrive in Aguas Calientes you will have a brief meeting with your guide, then go to lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy the brief time in Aguas Calientes. Once that is done, the guide will deliver your train tickets back to ollantaytambo (train returns at 3:20 PM), where an Altitude Experience driver will pick you up and transfer you to the city of Cusco on our bus, and finally, drop you off at your hotel.

Campsite altitude: 2.600 Meters (high) above sea level
Weather: chilly

Important Notes

Highlights Inca Trail

The Inca Trail Trek is one of Peru’s and South America’s most famous hike. This 26-mile trail is merely a fraction of what it was during the Inca Empire, yet it is historically significant. Through the Andes highlands, this hallowed trail is currently the sole direct route to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail trek is thought to have been designed and built by the Inca ruler of the period in the 1450s. This sacred road, which runs from Cusco to the citadel of Machu Picchu, is famed for its archaeological sites along the way. They were all utilized for sleeping, religious rites, and astronomical observation.

The Peruvian government now regulates the Inca Trail quite tightly. Along the path, only licensed tour companies are permitted to operate tour groups. As a result, qualified tourism guides and registered assistance crews of cooks and porters are necessary for tour groups. Each day, just 500 persons, including hikers and support teams, are permitted on the trail. As a result, Inca Trail permits sell out quickly and must be reserved in advance.

We recommend booking your Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu at least 2-5 months in advance. It’s also a good idea to check Inca Trail permit availability with Altitude Experience via our contact form.

Inca Trail Covid-19

The covid-19 epidemic in the Inca trail has had an impact on the travel sector. The government has provided the requirements to return to work in adventure travel, and altitude Experience has adopted all of the safety standards and protocols specified by the Peruvian government.
All of our trips are run in accordance with the following safety guidelines:

  •  Temperature readings were taken on all hikes.
  • In our Cusco office, we practice proper handwashing and sanitization.
  • Masks must be used in busy settings and during group activities.
  • All of our hiking gear must be kept clean (i.e., tents, hiking poles etc.)
  • All of our services have a maximum group size limit (i.e., maximum group size of 10 to 12 people)
  • Altitude Experience clients only have access to private Alpaca Expeditions buses and vans.
  • During any service, we use our equipment in a strict and coordinated manner to ensure that all travelers are using clean, sterilized, and disinfected equipment at all times.

Highlights of ALTITUDEXPERIENCE Trekking

Locally Company: Altitude Experience is a 100% Peruvian-owned enterprise based in Cusco. ALTITUDEXPERIENCE is the only tour operator and agency formed by by a Quechua community, called Ponchos rojos (red ponchos).

Equipment for Camping: Due to its use of high-quality equipment such as tents, sleeping mats, and sleeping bags, ALTITUDEXPERIENCE is regarded as the best agent of change.

Satellite Phones: ALTITUDEXPERIENCE is the only firm in the Cusco that has satellite phones on all of its treks. Hikers can use satellite phones to communicate with their loved ones.

Food With ALTITUDEXPERIENCE: You will undoubtedly gain weight while hiking with Altitude Experience. Our chefs receive specialized training each year in order to prepare unique meals while on the road. Our meal is made with high-quality ingredients organic and served buffet-style. Breakfast, snacks, lunches with soup, main course, and hot drinks, happy hours with hot drinks upon arrival at each campsite, and dinners with soup, main course, and desserts are all included in our services. While on the trails, we also give all hikers with potable drinking water.

Free Baggage Storage: At Altitude Experience, all excess luggage and personal items are stored for free.

Portable Toilets: At each of its campsites, ALTITUDEXPERIENCE provides portable ecological toilets for our clients’ exclusive use.

Transfers Hotel To Hotel: Hotel-to-hotel service is provided to all ALTITUDE travelers. All of our services include a direct pick-up from your Cusco hotel and a direct drop-off in Cusco.

Personal Porter: is a term that refers to a person who is in charge of All of our hiking packages include porter service, which allows hikers to bring 7KG of personal items on the trail. Our porters transport all of your items.

Quality service: We are the only organization that adheres to the highest standards of hospitality. with over a favorable TRIPADVISOR reviews, all of which testify to our services and explain the type of vacation you will have with us.

Inca Trail Highlights by day


Inca trail Hiking Distance: 13 Km
First Day Elevation: 2700/8923 ft

Weather: Cold
Inca Trail Difficulty:  Moderate

first Campsite Elevation: 329o mts/1979 ft
Inca Site Visit: Llacatapata and Wayllabamba comunity


Inca trail Hiking Distance: 17 km
Elevation: 3295 mts/ 10979 ft

Weather: Cold
Inca Trail Difficulty: Challenging

Campsite Elevation: 3700 mts/ 12139 ft
Inca Site Visit: Runcuraccay, Chaquicoocha


Inca trail Hiking Distance: 11 km
Elevation: 3700 mts/ 12139 ft

Weather: Cold
Inca Trail Difficulty: Challenging

Campsite Elevation: 2750 mts/9022 ft
Inca Site Visit: Phuyupatamarca, Wiñay Wayna


Inca trail Hiking Distance: 6 km
Elevation: 2685 mts/8905 ft

Weather: warm
Inca Trail Difficulty: Moderate


Inca Trail Trek To Machu Picchu 4 Days, 3 Nights

$ 695 /

per person

43Km/26 Millas
March 1st through January 31st
Permit required.
Type of Tour:
Cultural & Trekking

Student discount: The student discount applies only for people who present a valid UNIVERSITY CARD. Minors 17 years old or younger. To grant the discount we need you to send us a copy of your university ID. For children 17 years old and under, we need a copy of passport for the reservation.


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