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Mountain trekking and travel is one of the best activities in the world. Nothing beats connecting with nature and pushing your own limits to reach the pinnacle of creation. However, this activity requires professional assistance, which is why we have professional trekking guides. People who know all of the land’s secrets, the best routes to take, and a wealth of information about each site visited.

Altitude Experience guides are entirely indigenous. Cusco’s various villages and communities They mastered the art of leading groups through the most beautiful places and over the highest elevations without losing any information or tip to make the hike more enjoyable. Our guides have degrees in tourism and have passed tests to be able to guide on treks such as the Inca Trail and Salkantay, to name a few.

They will all lead your group from start to finish. Your guides will accompany you throughout the journey. Every group has one guide, and if the group is larger than eight people, there will be two. They are in charge of the entire team, from hotel pick-up to hotel drop-off. Your tour guides are fluent in both English and Spanish. Their primary language is Quechua, and they will gladly assist you in translating your words to the porters while also teaching you some of our ancient language.

Altitude Experience guide knows every aspect of the path, how to manage the cold weather impact on their hikers, all the flora and fauna along the experience, are the best talkers, no team will be bored with our guide, and are also amazing photographers. Know all of the best spots to get the best shot at the best time.

Altitude Experience has a work philosophy that it now follows. Each member of the team must be treated equally and fairly. Due to this method of operation, we were the first company in Cusco to have guides leading groups. A practice that is not widely practiced in Cusco but is desperately needed. That is why we started a project to empower women to become Inca Trail leaders, trekking chefs and porters.

There will be a leading guide if your group size is between 2 and 8 people. When the group size exceeds eight people. Two guides will be needed to oversee the entire group.