2 days Puno, Uros,Amantani & Taquile

$ 450 /
per person


Live an incredible experience in Puno, Lake Titicaca where you will fall asleep on the islands floating and the experience, you will learn from the cultural experience such as the activities typical and traditional meals of the town and enjoy a sunset in these beautiful waters of the Titicaca lake.


 Day 1: Main port – floating islands of the Uros – Amantani

We will pick you up from your hotel In the morning and travel to the main port of Lake Titicaca, where we will start our adventure. The floating islands of the Uros will be our first stop, we will start the visit with a bit of background information & history of each island and how they built these islands in the highest navigable lake in the world. We will have about an hour and a half to explore this area.

After this first spot, we will go to Amantani Island. To reach the island of Amantani, it takes around 3 hours of traveling. Approximately 9 km into the trip, you will be able to   admire a variety of beautiful scenes and views of the surrounding landscape and the Andes mountain range. In the main port of Amantani, the president of the community will welcome us, and will begin to divide by groups for local families to provide accommodation, food and company for us. During the afternoon, you will have the option to hike to one of the sacred mountains known as (Pacha Tata). This hike will be accompanied with a guide. Amantani is also known for the friendliness of its people and as a natural home of the Cantuta Flower, is inhabited by eight communities dedicated to the cultivation of terraces, sheep farming and handicrafts of textiles and stone carvings.


 Día 2: Isla Amantani – Isla Taquile

Our day will start with the best Andean breakfast, after which we will continue to the next island, Taquile. Traveling to Taquile will take about an hour and we will have plenty of time to stop and rest. We will get to learn about the textile works and the methods of the local people, who are renowned for their collaborative methods and advanced skills. The local community relies on textiles and both men and women contribute. These communities and people still live very similar to their ancestors, and offer a glimpse into their cultural past. We will spend a couple hours exploring the island, after which we will eat lunch and rest for another hour. You will have the chance to purchase some of the work of the local people (we encourage you to consider supporting the local people by purchasing their works so that they may continue to sustain their community).  Finally, we will return to the city of Puno at 5:00 PM.


2 days Puno, Uros,Amantani & Taquile

$ 450 /

per person

14 km/8,6 miles
All year
For All
Not permit required
Type of Tour:
Cultural & Trekking

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