Porters 7 kg Included

Why we bring duffel bags?

The purpose of our duffel bags? We must be extremely cautious about how much weight each party carries when trekking the Inca Trail. Keep in mind that our porters’ assistance is what makes the Inca Trail feasible. Because our red ponchos is the hardest-working workforce in the mountains, we must do everything in our power to look after them. Because it is the most well-known hike in Peru, the Inca Trail also has the most regulations. This is done to safeguard both the park and the employees who work so hard to make this adventure possible.

What does 7Kg duffel bag included in the price mean?

Not all businesses charge an additional $700 for the additional 7 kilograms. Clients are then given the option to carry everything on their backs, which is not advised due to how difficult the walk is. Altitude Experience includes this in the fee so that you can get this entire issue resolved. We also engage extra porters so that they can spread the weight more evenly and have an easier time doing their jobs.

How big are your duffel bags?

Our duffel bags are 66cm x 33 cm (25.9 x 12.9 inches)

Remember: Your sleeping bag and Air matt are part of this weight. Ifyou are renting these items from us you need to know that our Sleeping bag and Air Matt are a total of 3 Kilos weight leaving you 4 kilos for your belongings which is more than enough.

Will the porter walk next to me?

No, the Inca Trail’s system differs slightly from that of previous treks. You will only have access to your duffelbag in the campsites while on the Inca Trail. The pack animals do not follow the trekkers. After the journey, they set up everything so that the clients could enjoy their meals. After setting up everything at the lunch location, our porters will continue their trip back once you have finished eating. They will pack everything up, go to the next campground ahead of the hikers, and then re-establish everything.

What does 7Kg duffel bag included in the price mean?

We also fully comprehend that, given your needs, 7 kg could not be sufficient. You can hire an additional porter to carry one additional duffel bag for you, adding up to 7 kg. In order to make it happen for you, this needs to be scheduled with our sales person. The same guidelines that apply to a typical duffel bag also apply here. These duffel bags are exclusively available at your campgrounds. An additional porter will run you $100.

When will I get my duffel bag?

After your briefing, you will receive your duffel bag. How to utilize it and pack your items is covered in great detail in our tutorial. You can carry your duffel bag back to your hotel after the briefing so you can start packing. If you need to postpone or cannot make it to your briefing appointment. Simply inform us so that we can offer any necessary assistance.

What should I pack in my duffel bag?

as previously stated. Only your duffel bag will be accessible at the campsite. For the same reason, we suggest packing everything you’ll need when hiking, including water, sunglasses, food, a change of clothes, some medication, an afternoon jacket, and so on. Everything else, including the remainder of your clothing, a change of shoes, any necessary medications, the remainder of your snacks, and the remainder of your valuables, should be kept in your duffel bag.

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