Our Chefs

Our Chefs

Trekking up the mountain to conquer Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This will not be possible without the assistance of our staff. Our guides and porters make the trek possible and provide all necessary assistance, but the real secret behind our motto “the journey is the destination” is well you will eat every day thanks to our trekking chefs.

It is not easy to work as a trekking chef on the Inca Trail or on any adventure to Machu Picchu. A trekking chef must carry all of the necessary equipment for each day’s meals, set up the kitchen tent, and begin the process of providing the best dishes possible.

All of the meals are prepared on the spot and adhere to the most stringent protocols to ensure that the food is both delicious and safe to consume. Our trekking chefs can accommodate any dietary requirement or allergy without sacrificing the flavor of the meals. A delicious hot breakfast, a three-course lunch, and happy hour with diner make every day a special occasion. Hiking is more enjoyable when you know the best food awaits you!

Cooks on the Inca Trail

The trekking chefs for the Inca Trail and other treks to Machu Picchu have been trained in Cusco gastronomy schools. There are two paths to becoming a trekking chef, both of which are equally viable.

Many of them study gastronomy, work in the various touristic restaurants in Cusco, and then make the journey to the Andes. The other option is to learn on the job.

Every trekking chef has a helper. Someone who will assist with meal preparation and service. Learning day by day until he or she is ready to take the lead as a trekking chef. Both methods work, and there are many success stories and joys of being able to work along the treks.

Our trekking chefs are a hybrid of the two. We have incredible chefs who began as assistant chefs and trekking chefs who went on to become leading guides after studying.


When you hike the Inca Trail, you are both supporting them and experiencing a piece of their history.

A regular group includes one main chef and one sous chef. If the group size is larger, two sous chefs will be present to work their culinary magic.