Altitude Porters

Altitude Porters

The men and women of Peru who make up the core of our business are represented by our porters. Without the incredible effort put forward by our staff of porters, we would not be able to give the experience that we do. They are made up of men and women of various ages who are prepared to travel for days on end from their homes that are several hours away. Typically, they are farmers.

different businesses wearing torn-up footwear. Many people are eating without utensils and sleeping on the floor without blankets. We attempt to set an example in how to handle all of our porters because we believe that this is an unacceptable way to treat our Peruvian population.

We make an effort to treat them respectfully by paying them fairly and providing them with the necessary tools. We are devoted to social projects that will improve their lives and the lives of their families because we care about their health.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have female porters and have opened our doors to the women of Cusco. They are even happier and more upbeat when they are working for us. 

We've been fortunate enough to have female porters and have opened our doors to the women of Cusco. They are even happier and more upbeat when they are working for us.

Who are our Porters

Our porters are made up of proud Peruvians who work as farmers in nearby communities. They are men and women from Peru, between the ages of 18 and 50, and they are from various settlements in the Cusco region. Approximately 50 male and 10 female porters are employed by us; we expect that number will increase yearly. We frequently employ parent and son, mother and daughter, or siblings. From the following villages do they hail:

Why is it mandatory to have porters on the Inca Trail?

Prior to 2000, there were no rules governing the Inca Trail in Peru, thus travelers had to carry all of their supplies and prepare their own meals. Sadly, many of these early hikers left a lot of trash in their wake and showed little regard for Pachamama. Nobody could pick up the trash they left behind without rangers. As a result of the government’s awareness of the issue, a project to safeguard the route was started. They started the permit procedure at this point and set a daily entry restriction of 500 for tourists and Peruvian crew members.

The government began implementing these adjustments in 2000 and has since become increasingly rigorous over how to enter the path. It is not feasible to enter on your own; you must do so with a certified tour operator. A party can be made up of a maximum of 16 trekkers, 2 guides, and 22 porters through each company. Maximum weight allowed per porter is 25 kg.


Adequate gear for our porters

Each of our porters is outfitted with the necessary gear. This includes headlamps, weight belts, head-wicking long/short sleeve shirts, cozy leggings, a warm waterproof jacket, hiking boots, warm hats, and sun hats. To ensure that our female porters are comfortable while climbing without violating their cultural traditions, we provide skirts and gowns. All of our porters receive this for free from Altitude Experience.

Although the government permits each porter to carry up to 25kg, we maintain a 20kg cap. Each porter will transport up to 15 kg of company property and 5 kg of personal belongings. It’s crucial to keep your duffle light and stay under the 7kg weight limit because of this. We won’t let our porters carry the extra weight that you observe other firms carrying; this is against the rules.

Tents for our Porters

Again, it is unfortunate that others are not offering what Altitude Experience offers as something special. For our porters to sleep as comfortable as our visitors, we provide tents.

Sleeping Bags for our Porters

 Along with proper shelter, we also give warm, down sleeping bags to all our porters as the mountains can reach freezing at night. Our porter’s welfare is important to us, and we hope to treat them and all Peruvian people fairly, appreciatively and equally.

Healthy Food for our Porters

On an Altitude Experience tour, trekkers frequently remark that we serve way too much food. In any case, our porters enjoy the same meals as our customers. They are free to take advantage of it as they like, whether it be in the dining tent or on their own, relaxing and taking a break. They are each given water bottles so they may stay hydrated, as well as lots of their favorite coca tea.