Are there bathrooms on the Inca Trail?

Without a doubt. There are numerous opportunities along the way to stop at a facility when nature calls. When you first start the trek, the restrooms are managed by locals and you must pay to use them. A sole will get you in, and the restrooms are usually clean. 

By the time you leave lunch on the first day, the bathroom conditions will have deteriorated. You won’t have to pay for the facility, but you’ll have to deal with piles of filthy tissue. The later you use the facility in the day, the worse the condition will be.

All of the toilets are squatters, and you are not permitted to flush any paper – which is fine because they rarely provide you with paper – so bring some with you. In the bathroom, there are usually bins where you should put your dirty paper. Bathrooms are not cleaned on a regular basis, and paper quickly accumulates. When the tissue is full, people begin throwing it anywhere on the ground, eventually piling up around where your feet should be.