AltitudeXperience "100% Peruvian Tour Operator".

We are a large family of independent tourism workers, local operator in the city of Cusco, AltitudeXperience is born from a group of local guides in the farthest and deepest of the native communities, where the breeze hits at dawn and the heat falls on your face at the top of these Andean mountains, this is where our spirit and connection with the sacred mountains better known as (Apus) is born. Our ancestral practices have been passed down by our ancestors and grandparents for years to lead a more harmonious life with our natural environment, which the AltitudeXperience family puts into practice in everyday life to preserve, care for the environment and our Inka traditions for our future generations. The AltitudeXperience family has a trained and professional staff, fully committed to the development of a personalised service and contributes to the local economy, working hand in hand with our communities for the local and sustainable development of our region, thus improving the quality of life of our community.

Why travel with AltitudeXperience?

Travelling with AltitudeXperience is to get in touch with an amazing culture, the AltitudeXperience family of guides is able to show you the best of themselves in any circumstance, taking you through landscapes that generate emotions that are never forgotten along the Inca Trail journey. AltitudeXperience is the best local company because its value is not in material things, but in the smile of our family who are able to show you the best of themselves throughout the adventure.

It’s hard to explain what it means to travel with AltitudeXperience, because whether you are on the Inca Trail seeing amazing views high up in the mountains or in the Sacred Valley seeing that little boy from Cusco, in Ollantaytambo eating that traditional local food or in Machupicchu just when the cloud forest gives way to incredible views and the bright sun hits your face… Whether we can get you there with these words, it will never be the same as experiencing it yourself.

What are you waiting for? Our AltitudeXperience family is waiting for you, today, tomorrow and always.


To create the true development of our community through work and study, diversifying the local economy for sustainable and progressive growth. In such a way that we improve the quality of life of our community, which for years have only been used for the profit of large tourist companies.


Our passion is to generate every day the best travel experience in our travellers, the altitudeXperience group chooses to provide an improved service, so that your days in the Andes mountains are incredible and memorable.


Is to provide a completely personalized service, achieving an unforgettable experience towards Machupicchu, creating a familiar environment with our travelers.


We are a group oriented to generate the least possible impact to the environment with our sustainable and environmental practices. We work hard to take care of the environment where and live, promoting our good practices to our community. 

Our goal is to reach more people, where they can perform these practices and thus we can create a more friendly and sustainable environment for our travelers.