Inca Quarry Trail & Short Inca Trail 5 Days / 4 Nights

$ 900 /
Per Person


The Inca Quarry Trek & short Inca Trail 2 days, This trek is a great alternative and stretches next to the Inca Trail. It is considered part of the network of Inca Trails and is famous for the preservation of its roads, as they remain in almost perfect condition. During this hike, you can see the biodiversity of the area’s flora and fauna. Without a doubt, you will be amazed by the impressive landscape along the way, as this tour is considered to contain a high amount culture and even mysticism.

Do you want to know where the Incas extracted the stone blocks for their construction? Join us on this wonderful journey where you will experience this little-known path, full of history and adventure.

Tour Location: This tour is located in the district of Ollantaytambo, province of Urubamba and department of Cusco.
Type of tour: This tour is a combination of trekking and living culture of 5 days. You will pass through mountains at an altitude of 300o meters above sea level, among native communities of Ollantaytambo, with nights of camping under the stars.
Recommended: For those who enjoy hiking at high altitude.
Difficulty: Moderate
Considerations: If you are planning to do this incredible hike through the Inca quarries, you should consider that it will be at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, where the cold is intense, so it is advisable to bring a good coat for the cold for both 2-day Inca Trail. Check the details of the itinerary we have for you. “We look forward to taking responsibility for your next adventures in Cusco”.



Day 1: Cusco – Waterfall – Korimarca

The first day will begin with pick up from the hotel in the city of Cusco. At approximately 5 am we will pick you up on our bus and from there, we will go to the community of Soqma. This part of the trip on our bus is around an hour and forty minutes, and our destination is the point where we will begin our hike. At this point, we will be visiting the Ñaupa church, which is an Inca religious center where many rituals were practiced. These rituals tended to be in veneration of their gods. We will then continue with the tour and arrive at our starting point at the community of Soqma. Once there, we will prepare for the start of the trek. First, we will be visiting the Perolniyoq waterfall, an imposing and beautiful waterfall. At this point we will be almost halfway through the first day, and will have a delicious lunch prepared by the specialized travel team. Our rest after lunch will be short and you will have the opportunity to refill your water bottles. After lunch, we will continue with the hike to the second stopping point. During this part of the trek, you will have the opportunity to appreciate an archaeological center at the foot of the mountain, where you will have the opportunity to take pictures and listen to a brief explanation on the area and its geography from your guide. When we arrive at the camp, you will have the opportunity to explore the place freely and recharge for the next day.

Elevation: 3,667mts / 11,753ft

Distance: 6 km

Difficulty: moderate

Day 2: korimarca – Intipunku

The second day will begin with a morning coffee (or tea) and an incredible sunrise. You will be able to observe the sunrise and see how the first rays of sun illuminate the entire valley. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful views you will have, and you will be surrounded by a lot of nature and huge mountains. After this, we will our first meal, breakfast, to recharge and start the day with a lot of energy. As we begin to continue the hike, we will will pass through small communities where ancient culture is preserved and many ancestral practices are still maintained. We will reach the highest point of the mountains where you can see the sacred valley, and this will be followed by the impressive Verónica nevada. From there, you will have a fabulous view of all the basins of the sacred valley and will experience the true power of the Andes. Here, we will have a rest and a delicious lunch prepared by the specialized team and you will have the opportunity to refill your bottles of water. Continuing with our trek, we will be able to observe along the Puerta del Sol (Inti punku), ending with views of one of the best sunsets in Intipunku. If you are lucky, you will be able to see condors flying over the valley. This is where our camp is located, our dinner will be at 7 pm, after which we recommend you rest early.

Elevation: 3,267mts / 11,753ft

Distance: 6 km

Difficulty: moderate

Day 3: Inti Punku – Ollantaytambo

We will begin this exciting day with a delicious morning coffee (or tea) and a classic Andean breakfast, with another opportunity to refill your water bottles. The first stop of the third day will be the Inca Quarries. Here, you will be able to explore every part of the site and have the opportunity to learn, in detail, how advanced the Incas and their engineering were. Throughout this place, you will be able to appreciate many carved stone blocks of enormous dimensions. Once you have visited this beautiful and mysterious place, we will continue descending towards the community of Cachicata, where you will have a delicious lunch. After lunch and continuing with the tour, we will go to Ollantaytambo to take the train service to Aguas Calientes, where you will spend the night. Dinner here will start at 7 pm in a well-known local restaurant, after which we recommend you rest early.

Elevation: 2,867mts / 11,753ft

Distance: 6 km

Difficulty: moderate

Day 4: Ollantaytambo – Chachabamba – Aguas Calientes

This day will start very early as well, since we will be among those to take the first tourist train heading to kilometer 104. As soon as we reach this point, we will cross a bridge to the registration point. Then, we will continue with our trek to the ruins of Chachabamba, a stone altar for the sun. After the visit to Chachabamba, we will continue the path to where we will begin to climb the mountain. After walking for 3 hours, we will reach a beautiful waterfall. Herem you can enjoy a short break before we continue with our hike to Wiñaywayna. At Wiñaywayna, you can see Inca trails, tambos and other resting places before finally arriving at Inti Punku (Sun Gate). You can contemplate and observe this wonderful place and incredible views towards Machu Picchu as this is the highest spot. You will have time for many photos , before we then descend to Machu Picchu and take our bus to the town of Aguas Calientes. At Aguas Calientes, we will spend the night in a hotel with an amazing view of the city and have dinner at a local restaurant before we get ready for the next day.

Elevation: 2,567mts / 9,753ft

Distance: 14 km

Difficulty: moderate

Day 5: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco

We will leave our hotel after breakfast at 5:30 am and head for Machu Picchu (2400m/7874f) by tourist bus. We will arrive at the citadel around 6:00 am. After a guided tour around the archeological site, which will include information about the life and culture of the Incas, you will have enough time to enjoy Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu (2750m/9022f) on your own. We will leave Aguas Calientes by train at 2:55 pm. Until then, you will have time to have lunch or you can visit the hot springs in Aguas Calientes to relax a bit.

Meals Included: Only Breakfast


Inca Quarry Trail & Short Inca Trail 5 Days / 4 Nights

$ 900 /

per person

46 km/28 miles
March 1st through January 31st
Permit Required
Type of Tour:
History, Adventure, Hiking

Student discount: The student discount applies only for people who present a valid UNIVERSITY CARD. Minors 17 years old or younger. To grant the discount we need you to send us a copy of your university ID. For children 17 years old and under, we need a copy of passport for the reservation.


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