We are very happy to announce that the Peruvian state is increasingly making entry to Peru more flexible, officially all hiking trails in Cusco are open with prevention and control measures to reduce and contain the risks of transmission of Covid-19 on all routes, and on the Inca Trail for being so popular.

Protocols of Inca Trail Covid – 19:

  1. Procedure instructions will be provided to all visitors.
  2. The visitor must wear a double mask.
  3. The temperature of all visitors (greater than 38°C will move the suspicious visitor to the isolation area)
  4. You will go through a disinfection and health space.
  5. You will be available for hand washing and/or disinfection

Note: Announce that to make the Inca Trail you must comply with the cleaning and disinfection control procedure, before, during and after the view to the network of Inca roads and Machupicchu.

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