Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour 2 days / 1 night

$ 419 /
Per Person


Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco

Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour in 2-Day/1-night is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two of the most awesome places on Cusco. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect tour for those who want to explore Inkas Culture and History with guided tour to Machu Picchu. You’ll be able to explore ancient ruins, hike through andean mountains, and wander through stunning inkas villages.

Our highly experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable journey through these ancient inkas sites, sharing their knowledge and stories along the way. You’ll be able to see everything with your own eyes and experience these locations in a way local that’s impossible anywhere else and It’s the perfect way to experience some of the best that Sacred Valley Machu Picchu Tour has to offer. Book your spot on our Sacred Valley Machu Picchu 2 Day Tour!

Tour Duration: 2 days / 1 nights
Departure: Cusco
Difficulty: Easy walk
Season: All year
Destination: Machu Picchu
Type Adventure: Culture / Adventure / Hotel


Full Itinerary of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour 

Day 1: Sacred Valley Tour

We pick you up from your hotel at 07:00 am and head for the sacred valley. Explore the amazing sites, including the textile center of Chinchero with its incredible array of alpacas, llamas, vicuña, and huanacos. Next is Inca site of Moray. Catch a glimpse at adventure in history and culture as we explore its unique scenes. Afterwards, take a visit to the colonial town of Maras Market–your opportunity to experience the traditional Andean indigenous cultures through the vibrant local market showcase their customs and products. Take a break for lunch in Urubamba before continuing on to visit Ollantaytambo Archeological site where tales of Andean magic linger into eternity! When it’s time to go back to your hotel in cusco or Sacred Valley, catch sunset in the sacred valley of the Inkas going back to your hotel. Give yourself this once-in-a-lifetime experience by joining our sacred valley and machu picchu tour!

Meals: Included (at a local family in Ollantaytambo or Urubamba)

Day 2: Machu Picchu

Day two of your trip is the most magical day – a day to explore the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu!

Starting from Cusco or Sacred Valley: you’ll be collected up from your accommodation and taken to the Ollantaytambo railway station to catch a train to Aguas Calientes. In Aguas Calientes, one of our team members will meet you to take the bus to the entrance and begin your Machu Picchu tour. Following that, you will have time to eat lunch before we take you to the train station and you will return to Ollantaytambo. Our driver will be waiting for you there to take you back to your Cusco hotel.

Starting from Aguas Calientes: Take the train in the afternoon the day before the tour, stay the night in Aguas Calientes, and then undertake the tour the next day. The remaining route is the same as described earlier. So don’t miss out on this incredible chance and make sure to get an exclusive machu picchu experience for yourself!

Note: Please keep in mind that you have the option of selecting your desired entry time (call us), and we will assist you in creating the best itinerary.

Entrance Tickets: Included



Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour 2 days / 1 night

$ 419 /

per person

7 Km/4 miles
All year
For All
Permit Required
Type of Tour:
Historical and cultural


What Our Clients Say in Tripadvisor


Overall Rating of 3rd-party reviews

Katrin Schulze
Katrin Schulze
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Dear Robinzon, Thank you for our fantastic personalized trip to Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu! We enjoyed every minute! It was a great honor to be invited to your family's home and have a great lunch. The soup was super rich as well as the guinea pig, the corn, the cheese and the potatoes? We enjoyed his detailed explanations about the history of the Incas, about Peru and its people, traditions and way of life. The trip from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and back on the scenic train was one of the most beautiful train rides of our lives. Machu Picchu is an indescribable experience, thank you for taking us there with the first bus so that for the first hour or so we had the feeling of being (almost) alone in this magical place. And how lucky we were that the sun came out! Thank you also for choosing such good restaurants, the food was fantastic. In short: thumbs up, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Can we recommend your services?
Read More
Wow. I really could not have asked for a better guide than Robinson for the Inca Trail Trek (4 days, 3 nights) to Machu Picchu. He and his team made this journey so positive and really one of the best experiences of my life. Along the way, Robin was attentive to everyone in the group and cultivated an environment that made us become so close very quickly and feel like family. I was admittedly a bit nervous to embark on the journey solo. From the moment I met Robinson during the briefing session the night before we left, he made me feel so comfortable and eliminated any concerns that I had. I could not believe the operation overall — between the amazing porters carrying all our supplies for the 4 day trek and the chef who made some of the most amazing food I had during all my time in Peru — I didn’t know it could be possible to be so comfortable during a trek like this. The porters made sure that food was ready and camp was set up once we arrived back every night, and that we had fresh water in the morning before getting back on the trail each day. One day it rained and got a bit cold on the trail. Robinson offered coffee and I thought he was joking. He then proceeded to pull out a portable coffee maker from his bag, and THEN a bit later a porter ran up from camp and brought us tea. These guys made the impossible possible. This trek was a life-changing experience for me, thanks to Robinson and his team. I cannot say enough good things about them and could not recommend them enough. They are the best in the game !!!
Stacy Warner
Stacy Warner
Read More
We chose the Lares Trek an we could not have been more pleased!! Our guide- Adrian- made this adventure exceptional. As it was just two of us ladies- he ensured we had all the necessities and breaks!! We had so much hiking and history- as Adrian taught us so many interesting facts about the Inca culture. As we are both vegan - Adrian ensured all meals, snacks, and beverages met our dietary needs! This was indeed a trip of a lifetime and could not have happened without our exceptional guide !! Thank you AltitudeXperience and muchos gracias Adrian!!!

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